100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Coding (100 Ideas for Teachers) #Books #Education #Coding #Primary

Coding comprises half of the National Curriculum strands for computing, and 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Coding is packed with resources that will give every teacher confidence when delivering it. The easy-to-follow and practical activities in this book will be invaluable for all teachers, whether new to coding and getting to grips with the basics, or experienced and wanting to expand their repertoire. All the ideas have been carefully selected and written to be appropriate for the widest range of pupils ages and abilities, and to be used with most coding platforms and devices making them compatible with any existing scheme. Readers can also access and download additional free resources and templates online 100 ideas is just the start!

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8. Don’t sweat about the small stuff #teaching #brilliantdayatschool

Don’t sweat about the small stuff. If the borders on your display are crooked – well so what? They won’t actually stop the children from learning. Time is precious in teaching so make use of all the resources and tools that you have available to you. Share plans and resources, use stickers and stamps and make being in class as much fun as you can. Remember why you wanted to teach in the first place. Think back to your successes and the pupils you have had an impact on.

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Engaging Learners (100 Ideas for Teachers) #Books #Teaching #Learning #Lessonplanning

Are your students really engaged in your teaching? Teachers everywhere are looking for quick and easy ways to liven up their lessons, try something new and exciting, or just tweak a strategy or practice that they have been doing for years. This is a recipe style books that you can dip in and out of when you are looking for inspiration. 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Engaging Learners contains techniques and activities to apply to every area of classroom teaching, from livening up displays to using technology effectively, and even includes advice on greeting students and providing motivational feedback. Put these ideas into practice to get your class engaged and ready to learn.

20 teacher traits that are thought of as being good in the eyes of a pupil #teaching #education #school

It is hard to argue with this list of 20.

  1. Arrive at lessons on time.
  2. Well prepared lessons which are not too much teacher led.
  3. Set a good example in terms of dress.
  4. Happy, purposeful and not moody.
  5. Fair to all with high expectations.
  6. Witty and clever – slightly quirky.
  7. Know all names and use them.
  8. Excellent subject knowledge – feel safe that they are going to cover everything.
  9. Can explain things clearly and simply.
  10. Up to date with the use of technology in their subject.
  11. Teacher, not a friend.
  12. Variety of methods used to teach.
  13. Prepared to have a more relaxed lesson at times.
  14. Does not overuse school sanctions to get control of a class.
  15. Good class control- prepared to deal with troublemakers for the benefit of all.
  16. Encouraging not critical of pupils understanding.
  17. Popular amongst other staff members.
  18. Good knowledge of exam questions and how they will be tested.
  19. Active in other parts of school life such as sport and other clubs and societies.
  20. Give extra help away from the lessons if not understanding.

There are of course many more. Please do comment with your suggestions.