This Is Language – Inspire your classroom with authentic language #Teaching #Learning #MFL is an interactive, video-based resource for the teaching and learning of French, Spanish, German and Italian at secondary-school level. Enjoyed by over 140,000 students on six continents, is unique in its commitment to only ever feature authentic, unscripted language in its videos, the better to prepare students for using their linguistic skills in the real world. The site is built for language teachers by language teachers, and so offers over 9,000 curriculum-aligned videos and 50,000 accompanying scaffolded exercises, in-depth progress tracking and automatic marking – for fewer nights spent with a stack of exercise books!

Learning by Questions #Teaching #Learning #Education #App #Technology

LbQ is a classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned Question Sets and immediate feedback to super-charge learning. Reduce your workload with automatic marking and instant insight for effective interventions. It covers all abilities so you can support your students your way.