Creative Schools by Sir Ken Robinson

njabulo zwane


Have you ever thought about why schools are the way they are? What they were created for?

To do highly standardized factory work, the owners would require people who possess standardized factory knowledge. So at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century mass education was introduced built around conformity and obedience, using the same linear processes that made factories so efficient.

100 years later students still run through the same standardized, test-infested machine, to become cogs in the system when those cogs have long stopped being valuable.

The problem with this model of education is that all humans are unique, we all differ physically and in our talents, personalities and interests. So the linearity concept of standardized education is not benefiting us.

Our school systems are now a matrix of organisational rituals and intellectual habits that do not adequately reflect the great variety of talents of the students who attend…

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